IELTS is an exam conducted to rank your international English language testing system to move to specific countries in the world and for the safe visa processing at that country. Here we are providing you with helpful hints for IELTS  listening test. Given below are the Top 10 IELTS listening tips to score well ahead…

What is the IELTS Listening test

IELTS listening test is a test done to value your listening skill. Here we are going to dicuss about top 10 IELTS listening tips

Listen to public contents

listen to general media like radio, tv’s, podcast’s, documentary and increase your listening skill and then only attend the listeniing practice  test.

Enrich on topic vocabulary

Polishing your vocabulary helps you to understand and analyze the topics taken in the university much better.

Word Types

Skip over the questions and decide which type of word fits in the gaps. Is it a noun, verb, adverb or adjective? Write ‘N’ for nouns, ‘V’ for verbs, ‘A’ for a and so adjectives and so on and this will help you to focus on the specific word forms while listening to the conversation without break

Keep your attention up on the conversation

You will only hear the audio once. So if you didn’t hear some words, Leave that space blank and move on with the actual part of the conversation and take time and review those questions at the end of the conversation or else you will miss more questions and won’t be able to catch up with conversation at the end..

Checkup for silly mistakes

After each conversation you have 30 seconds to check your answers. It is important to check spellings, Remember that only correctly written answers will gain points at the end of it.

Write answers accurately in the correct boxes

At the end of the listening test you will have 10 minutes for transferring your  answers into the answer sheet and sometimes students get confused in the numeration! As you write down your answers to the answer sheet, check that they fit into the correct numbered space. In other words, make sure that answer for question 8 goes into space number 8.

Don’t leave any blank page

   You won’t lose marks for the incorrect answer and so if you even don’t know an answer never leave it blank… Answer each and every question and make guess on the unknown ones.

Utilize Time

You will be given time to read the question before each recording is played. Read the question very carefully before hearing the recording as you will hear the audio only once

Watch out for plurals in answers

If the question requires a plural answer,  a singular answer is incorrect and check your answers thoroughly before moving on.

Listen to the audio completely and then answer

 This is common when two people are making plans and they first agree on meeting at a certain time, but then one remembers and then they decide to meet on a new time. To avoid this, hear the conversation completely then answer it.

These are the best TOP 10 IELTS listening tips to score well ahead for your texts…

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